How IT Matters to Me

Looking back from the day I was born, the year 1979 was a year when people were still dreaming of the things that we now have. With the rapid increase in knowledge, through processed information, indeed, Information Technology is power.

In my own opinion, we are still in the process of refining ourselves given the level of IT that we have. More frequently, we are distracted by a lot of things that technology offers. While, it is okay to indulge, would harnessing the real potential of IT be a better alternative? And, allow me to add, will IT make us more knowledgeable of ourselves and be a bit more human than human? Will IT help us achieve our greater goals in life and make us live according to God’s plan?

A lot of times we would be in awe and amazed at what IT can give us. But, did it change us into becoming a better person?

I would often ponder on the things that we are capable of before the fall of Adam and Eve. Of course, in our catechism, one of the consequence of the fall is imperfect knowledge. Imagine how things would be if our first parents did not fall. For me, our current level of IT is just a tip of the iceberg. Due to our human frailties, we must relearn and rediscover the things that we used to know.

So, does IT really matter? Yes, it does… in numerous ways. It matters in work, in our daily activities, but above all, it will ultimately lead us into rediscovering ourselves — our very own existence — our purpose in life. And, I believe, it will someday lead us all to live as one.


The Marvels of Social Media

Social media (SM) sites are being used by so many of us. Unconsciously, it has already become a part of our daily lives.

Personally, I like to use it because I simply wanted to keep track with my friends. Also, through it, I can exchange quotes and memes with my SM friends. In doing so, I realized that we are actually sharing things that can help us improve ourselves. Words of wisdom spreads like wildfire in the SM sites. So, we never have to grow old to grow wisdom.

Sometimes, we exchange novel ideas in relation to our work. Useful tips and websites can be shared, and it somehow helps us improve professionally.

With the above mentioned thoughts, I guess we should use SM to our advantage, and use it responsibly.

In using SM responsibly, I am going to share with you a few things in doing it.

  1. If we have nothing good to say or share, better not to post anything. Let us emphasize on the good things, but not to the point of hypocrisy.
  2. Constructive criticisms are okay. Sarcastic and rude criticisms are no-nos in SM. It is best to give criticisms constructively so it may invite and provide an avenue for healthy discussions.
  3. Each person is unique. So, respect their individuality. If you are frequently annoyed by your SM friend’s posts about food because you are under a very strict diet, just let it be. And if you are tempted to eat because of the posts, you can always unfollow.

I guess that’s all for now.

Happy surfing.

Software Piracy

Question: Does the end justify the mean?

Technology is like a gift of fire — it can be used both good and bad. Nowadays, software piracy is so rampant. Let us take a look the most common reason of those who practice this.

“The software costs way too much for what it’s worth.”

Yes. Who are we to blame if some people perceive it this way? Especially in the third world countries or the developing countries. People earn meager salaries, and yet, they are faced with products that are too costly – given the level of their country’s economy. People also want to experience the advancement. They want to be “in”.

No. There is this one absolute truth, that no matter how you would reason it out, piracy is stealing. And, stealing is wrong. Why? What happens when we pirate softwares? Well, the developers and their families are also deprived of the things that are ought to them. Now, don’t tell me where is justice.

On the side of the companies, it is also good that they are giving this free-trial periods, lite-versions, money back guarantees and the like. In this manner, people may review the product before they pay for it.

The government is also working on this issue. They are campaigning against piracy — even in theaters.

So, let us remember… The ultimate truth is … PIRACY IS WRONG.

Knowledge IS Power

Knowledge Management is a practice concerned with increasing awareness, fostering learning, speeding collaboration and innovation, and exchanging insights. – G. W. Reynolds.

The spirit of cooperativism is so vivid with KM. No man is an island, they say. Also, no single person has all the knowledge. So, I can say that KM will really bring out the best in any organization.

It is like sharing the best practices so others can emulate. For instance, in the field of education, we all know that there is no best method in teaching– given so many factors that influence learning. But, by exchanging insights between educators, many would be aware and be given ideas on the approaches of teaching given the situations, which may be similar to the shared knowledge.

Which reminds me, there is this song that says “we’re all in this together.” This earth is our only planet, why not live together as one?

Sure knowledge is power — if you are selfish and have other motives. But, if we have developed a sense of oneness, we would be sharing ideas with others in order to hasten development and to empower them.

Just like what MJ said in his song “heal the world, make it a better place…” Knowledge sharing is one way. What do you think?

Business Intelligence

Knowing your customers is an asset.

Yes, people who patronize your business are what keeps you busy… and alive. Business intelligence can make your enterprise a worthwhile endeavor. First of all, a business exists to supply some others’ needs. If you can pinpoint the needs and wants of your customers, then that would be tantamount to success!

Second, as people are complex, there is an increase need to really know them — that is, your customers.

Good thing there are business intelligence tools. With these things, one will be able to satisfy the customers. It can also help in making a firm’s inventory leaner.

From a business’ point of view, this is a welcome move. Who would not want a lucrative business after all? Though it takes some time and patience, but, once you hit the right spot, then…bullseye!

This would entail a very profitable business. So, it would be just to give incentives to the one implementing it. Pay raises wouldn’t be that bad given the fruits of the labor.

So, if it brings in fortune, then give it a go. Let us use the business intelligence tools now! 😊

On-line Shopping

We shop in order to satisfy our wants and needs. But, with all the hassles that shopping presents, a few innovations sprung up to make our shopping experience as efficient and effective as possible.

Whenever we go out to shop, we really have to find time for it. Then, once we are out to go to our favorite mall or store, most of the time there is traffic. Then, once inside the establishment, one will literally wander. Afterwards, you will get a bit hungry by your activity, so you replenish your self with food.

So, you see, shopping on-line really has advantages. But, there may be some items that one is inclined to buy, to think things over before buying and not to buy the items on-line.

For me, the things that I may want to buy on-line are the things that I am most familiar with like the shoes (when you know your brand and size), some gadgets (where most of it are cheaper on-line) and maybe some fishing gears!

The items that I may have doubts buying on-line are some softwares, books and musical instruments. The reason for this is, I may be able to find some alternative to them, and the price may be higher compared to buying them at a local store.

And, lastly, the three things that I would never buy on-line are 1. clothes (the size may differ) 2. appliances (cheaper to buy locally) and 3. spices (needs to be experienced by my senses before buying).  \m/  0.o  \m/

Wired On Wireless

Why walk when you can fly?

That is Michael Jordan on the ad a few years ago. Maybe, we can twitch it a bit… Why use wires when you can go wireless?

Wireless computing bring so many benefits. If you are an environmentalist, you welcome this with much appreciation. And, if you are for internet mobility, wireless is the way to go. Imagine an office full of costly wires just for their ERPS and internet. The clutter would seem to be absurd. But, with wireless things would seem to be .. neat.

Aside from that, the present technology can provide us with the level of wireless connection that we need. Mobility is, indeed, an advantage. One does not need to literally plug in to be connected. With just a few simple touch, then you are done.

In my experience, safeguarding the wireless connection is a must. You wouldn’t want to share your bandwidth with those who are simply playing during office hours, right? So, i guess having a strong password, plus hiding it and adding a MAC address filter is enough to secure your precious wireless connection.

I guess we are all set for wireless. Happy computing!


— p.s.: please leave your comments. Thanks! 😊

Outsource IT Security???

To answer, we need to be aware of two things: 1. Good value from IT investments and 2. Mitigating IT-related risks.

IT investments are expected to be aligned and integrated with the business. Risks and costs should also be reduced given the Information System. And, The company should gain a competitive advantage out of the IT investment. This is how to look at the good value of an IT investment. If there is a need to outsource IT security, then give it a go, but the company should be able to mitigate the IT-related risks.

Internal control is a must in order to mitigate the risks. System integrity should never be compromised. So, there could be some service level agreement with the outsourced IT security provider. Every sensitive details should be clearly stipulated in the contract, and, the company should also do some random checking to make sure every thing is in order.

Also, passwords or codes should be known only to a very limited number of people. And, some levels would require simultaneous encoding/entering of passwords/codes in order to gain access.

So, should we outsource IT security?

A Clear Mind for a Sound Decision

A peaceful mind gives us a better understanding of what’s in our hands.

I think the simple skill of discerning is imperative to make sound judgment, especially in sensitive matters like Information System related decisions. And, we can only make good decisions if we know how to filter the right information in relation to IS. Technology must be utilized to improve our work, both effectively and efficiently. Any IS related decision must be able to assist — or even suggest viable options so that the Vision, Mission and Objectives of an organization will be met. The ability to discern is a must if one is to participate and contribute greatly to any decision-making functions.

The other skill that I think is also important to decision-making is the people-skill. That is why some people say “a lot of things can be done through people.” So, if people collaborate, innovative and remarkable ideas can be reached.

And lastly, a little sense of practicability with common sense brings out a pinch of reality on every decision.

IT and Me

Being a musician, a DIY car guy and an angler, I can really feel the impact of Information Technology. If only Mozart or Beethoven were alive today, they would all enjoy the benefits of the IT Age. It started with the idea of an Italian monk. He devised a way to record music using written symbols. Then there was the phonograph, the vinyls, then the cassette tapes, the compact discs and now the flash disks.

Recorded music is information, and as a musician, I was able to emerse with the changing tides. We used to record songs using the cassette tapes, which uses the magnetic tape technology to store information. Then after a few years, we were recording using the CDs, and now thru the flash disks.

It is really amazing how IT touched the lives of the musicians. There is only a downside — piracy is now at its peak. With the internet, tons of music can be downloaded with just a few clicks. That is why we can notice that musicians do not rely solely on record sales, but more on concerts, merchandise and other gimmicks. So please, let us help the musicians make a living by avoiding pirated music.

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